Missouri CAIR Boss wants to Prosecute Americans that Insult Islam


Missouri CAIR Director Faizan Syed is the current Executive Director of CAIR-St.Louis. Mr. Syed is putting pressure on American politicians through the United Nations to prosecute anyone who insults Islam, in any country – every country, according to sharia law. Many CAIR leaders have been convicted of terror charges claims former FBI agent Mike Rolf acknowledges in “Muslim Mafia,” “CAIR has had a number of people in positions of power within the organization that have been directly connected to terrorism and have either been prosecuted or thrown out of the country.” According to another FBI veteran, familiar with recent and ongoing cases involving CAIR officials, “Their offices have been a turnstile for terrorists and their supporters.

CAIR’s request should be ignored by the political class all over the world, any nation that supports them in their request to arrest and prosecute sovereign nations citizens, who offend Muhammad or Islam could end up having the U.N Muslim Brotherhood black booted arrest squads, running around the country rounding people up for offensive speech violations and imprisoning these lawbreakers for offending Islam. “The truth is CAIR has no credibility and should be designated a terrorist group, that affiliates with terrorist’s and funds terrorist activities through fundraising here in America. ICE should grab these deceivers of peace by their turbans and escort them out the country and send them back to the shit holes they came from.

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CAIR: Prosecution of Somali-American Christmas Bomber “Alienates Muslims


A Somali-American man was found guilty on Thursday in Federal court of trying to blow up a Christmas-tree lighting ceremony in Oregon using a fake bomb supplied to him by undercover agents posing as Islamist terrorists. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a U.S. citizen and former Oregon State University student, faces a possible life prison term on his conviction on a single charge of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. Mohamud was arrested shortly after attempting to use his cell phone to remotely detonate a fake car bomb planted near a square crowded with thousands of people attending the ceremony the day after Thanksgiving in 2010.

His attorneys argued that overzealous law enforcement officers posing as AL-Qaeda militants invented a crime and entrapped their client. Ibrahim Hooper, is communications director for The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said this case could alienate the Muslim community, but was quick to say that “nobody wants to see any possibility of any sort of violence by a lone wolf.” Sounds like a threat to me how about you?


CAIR Receives Award for “Excellence in Civil Rights” at Muslim Inaugural Event


WASHINGTON, D.C on January 22nd 2013 The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) received the first-ever Golden Minaret Award for, “Excellence in Civil Rights” Sunday night at an event marking President Obama’s second inauguration.CAIR’s National Legal Director Nadhira Al-Khalili received the award at the Muslim American Inaugural Benefit Gala held Sunday at the Josephine Butler Parks Center in Washington, D.C.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has two faces, this is a group that denounces terrorism on the surface while approving an ideology that helps to further extremism. The most recent problem with CAIR is that many of their employees and board members have been arrested, convicted, deported, or otherwise linked to terrorism-related charges and activities. CAIR also has links to terror organizations like Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR has constantly shown itself to be on the wrong side of the war on terrorism, protecting even defending and supporting both the accused and even convicted radical Islamic terrorists.

Do the representatives for the Golden Minaret Award have any idea that this group CAIR was linked by the United States Government to Terrorists Groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood?. These two groups are Hell bent on expediting the destruction of Israel and The United States and anybody else who does not go along with Programs Islam.