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Memphis Man Brutally Beat Unconscious While Crowd of Blacks FILMED, SPIT On and ROBBED Him

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man recorded in a cellphone video while passed out in a pool of blood on Beale Street told WREG his side of the story. Jonathan Parker said he doesn’t remember much, but is disgusted no one helped him after a beer bottle was smashed over his head.

Instead, people took pictures and videos, and stole his wallet, phone, even the clothes he was wearing.
“It’s frustrating to see people leave me there like I’m kind of animal or something,” said Parker. “Where is everybody to help me? I mean, one or two people can carry me somewhere.”

Parker wants to know why no one helped him while he laid in the middle of Beale Street.

“I am so lost for words. It saddens me that a lot of people say they saw me on video on the ground for 20 to 30 minutes,” said Parker.
Parker admits he got too drunk Saturday night and wishes he remembered more.

He told WREG his friends were nowhere close when someone hit him in the head. “I heard a lot of people were stomping on me and spitting on me. They stole my watch, my wallet, my phone,” he said.

Someone even stole the shirt Jonathan was wearing, but the worst part is that MPD says no one called 911. Police showed up on their own, “I know I had a picture with the officer in the background while I was on the ground. I don’t know why they didn’t help me up. It’s kind of frustrating,” he said. Parker woke up in the hospital with a fractured skull, and cuts and bruises all over his body. Doctors told him it is a miracle he’s alive.

Commentary: I have literally run out of things to say on the subject of the declining gutter society.

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Memphis Mob of Black Teens Brutally Beat Elderly Man, Then Smashed Cars with Bricks


Memphis, Tennessee suffered another attack by a rampaging mob of black teenagers after they flooded the streets after a local high school football game Friday.

The mob of some 40 teens flooded into the street near inner city Central High School on Friday, September 26 just after the end of the game.

A witness to the rampaging mob, Sharon Mourning, said she wished she were armed at the time. “Had I had been armed we would have had a lot of kids laying in the Bellevue street that night,” she said.

The laughing, screaming teenagers waded into the street throwing bricks at cars, jumping on them and damaging them, and accosting pedestrians.

Mourning said she saw the teens beat an elderly man and another child. “I actually looked at the child. His face was bleeding. You know they had done beat him,” she told the media.

The woman was unhappy with the actions of the Memphis police who seem to have issued juvenile summons to only two kids involved in the mob action. Mourning said the few summonses were not enough and that there was a bigger problem simmering in Memphis.

“Memphis is going to burn if they don’t control these children,” she said.

This is the second reported attack by a mob of black teens in the Bluff City.

Only weeks ago a mob of black teens swarmed a parking lot in East Memphis attacking patrons of a Kroger grocery store and beating one of the store’s white employees into unconsciousness.

Days after the incident at the grocery store, Memphis police arrested several people for the attacks. Continue Reading

Commentary: Had a mob of Whites did this to blacks driving and walking down the streets of Memphis they would be charged with Federal Civil Rights Crimes. The time has come for the lawmakers to now force blacks to take responsibility for their crimes and face the same penalties that have been imposed on whites; if they refuse to do this the problem will become unmanageable and spiral into Anarchy. Justice served to one group and not to the other would mean all we have been taught about justice being blind, taken to mean color blind, and that all men are created equal in America would now be one BIG LIE. (Vic M)

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Secret Service Has Allowed 1,000 Security Lapses, Due to Political Correctness


An internal Secret Service report revealed more than “1,000 security breaches and vulnerabilities,” according to a House investigator who said that a “politically correct” culture is endangering President Obama.

“There are new details that will come out that — you really have to question if security is their number one objective,” Representative Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah), who sits on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that is holding a Tuesday hearing on the Secret Service, tells National Review Online. “They want to be politically correct.”

Chaffetz backs that up by reference to the Secret Service’s statement on the most recent security breach, when a man jumped the White House fence and entered the building before being stopped.

“Although last night the officers showed tremendous restraint and discipline in dealing with this subject, the location of Gonzalez’s arrest is not acceptable,” the said. (That statement was issued before whistleblowers revealed that the fence-jumper made it all the way to the East Room of the White House, on the second floor.)

“When is that the goal and objective of the Secret Service? ‘Restraint?’ Because he had no apparent weapons?” Chaffetz points out. “In this day and age of ISIS and suicide bombers, we don’t know what he has underneath of his clothing. He could have a dirty bomb or improvised explosive device. You just don’t know. It’s totally unfair for an agent to have to make a split second decision on whether or not to use lethal force. If you can’t get a dog or a person in between the person rushing the White House and the White House itself, you may have to use a more lethal weapon.”

Chaffetz emphasizes that “there are a lot of very good men and women” at the Secret Service, but he said that the leadership of the Secret Service has been politicized since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Continue Reading

Commentary: The Secret Service needs to be stopped from being allowed to continue their politically correct suicidal policies they are presently following, before these polices endanger the presidents life. If a serious attempt on this president’s life ever succeeded the country would not survive the aftermath.

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ISIS Jihadists Have Arrived at the Gates of Baghdad


Fierce fighting has been reported on the outskirts of Baghdad where ISIS militants are attempting to seize control of the Iraqi capital – despite ongoing Western airstrikes against the terror group.

The fighting is taking place just one mile to the west of the city, with government forces desperately trying to hold off the militants, who allegedly killed up to 1,000 soldiers during clashes yesterday.

ISIS have held a number of towns and villages close to the Iraqi capital since earlier in the year, when government troops melted away following a lightning advance in the west of the country – enabling the terrorist group to seize further swaths of territory for their so-called caliphate.

Reports that ISIS militants are now just one mile from Baghdad came from the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East – an organization supporting the work of Canon Andrew White, vicar of the city’s St George’s Church, the only Anglican church in Iraq.

In a message posted on Facebook, the group said: ‘The Islamic State is now less than 1 mile away from entering Baghdad. They said it could never happen and now it almost has.
Continue Reading

Commentary: Iraq is about to become an extinct state, it will take a long time and a lot of blood to dislodge ISIS from Iraq in the future. “Bet on it”

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Netanyahu Told the UN, Iran Poses Greater Threat Than ISIS

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the United Nations General Assembly today that ISIS and Hamas are part of the same ‘poisonous’ tree. The PM went on to claim Israel has photographic evidence that Hamas has used human shields to defend themselves from Israeli bombs.

Commentary: America has been lacking a leader for the past six and a half years, listening to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressing United Nations General Assembly reminded me of what a real leader looks and sounds like.

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ISIS Jihadist: Airstrikes Having No Effect, Bases Evacuated Before Bombing Started

Gaziantep, Turkey (CNN) — The United States may be touting its strikes on ISIS targets in Syria, but one of the terror group’s fighters says the hits are trivial at best.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, a Syrian ISIS fighter using the pseudonym Abu Talha said the militant group has been preparing for such attacks.

“We’ve been ready for this for some time,” Abu Talha said. “We know that our bases are known because they’re tracking us with radars and satellites, so we had backup locations.”

He taunted the U.S.-led coalition that has been pummeling ISIS targets in Syria over the past week, including attacks on mobile oil refineries and vehicles.

“We have revenues other than oil. We have other avenues, and our finances are not going to stop just because of oil losses,” the 28-year-old militant said.

“They thought they knew everything. But thank God, they don’t know anything. And God willing, we will defeat the infidels.”

Abu Talha said he was among the ISIS fighters who took over Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, in June.

He said even if coalition attacks impede ISIS, they’re not enough to stop ISIS’ mission of fortifying an Islamic state across Sunni parts of Syria and Iraq. Continue Reading

Commentary: The truth is Obama is bombing empty buildings and one has to ask why? Just so he can say he did something or to silence his critics either way this is bad. What this really means is this president is wasting military resources and putting our airmen in danger for absolutely no gainful results. Every day that passes ISIS grows stronger and that means more American soldiers will die in the future, because this president refused to take the threat of ISIS seriously. (Vic M)

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Obama Blames U.S. Intelligence Agencies for Underestimating the Rise of ISIS in Syria

President Obama told 60 Minutes host Steve Kroft that the rise of ISIL in Syria was due to “underestimation” by the U.S. intelligence community.

“I think our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that I think they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria,” Obama said.

Obama said because al Qaeda in Iraq was able to reconstitute itself during the chaos of the Syrian Civil War, Syria had, in effect, become “ground zero” for jihadists around the world. Continue Reading

Commentary: The art of BITCH style politics dictates blaming everybody except yourself, once again I am forced revert back to telling the president to start looking in the mirror when he looks into it in the morning, there he will find the person that is responsible for the rise of ISIS.

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ISLAMIST’S Post Hundreds of Videos of Taliban Attacks on US Soldiers in Afghanistan


Islamists posted links to 200 videos of Taliban attacks on the US military on Just Paste It. The page includes several graphics and links to 200 Youtube videos.



Notice they include Nidal Hasan in the graphic. Hasan murdered 13 people at Fort Hood in what Obama called workplace violence, in November 2009.

Commentary: The religion of peace apparently is not so peaceful, Right Mr. President. (Vic M)

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The New Normal: 15 People Shot, in Miami Nightclub, Some Were Children

A massive shooting rocked a Miami nightclub early Sunday morning, the Miami Herald reported, leaving 15 people shot — and among the injured were mere children.

As the Herald noted, it’s “not clear” to police why the nightclub, “The Spot,” was packed with children and teenagers, but at least one witness said that the shooting, while “very very bad,” was nothing out of the ordinary.

“You can ride by gunshots anywhere out here anytime,” he told the Herald. ”This is kind of normal, the new normal.”

“Young people now, throughout the United States — Chicago or Miami or LA or wherever you’re at, even in small towns — [young people are] running around with AK-47s and everything,” the witness added. Continue Reading

Commentary: This is part of what Obama’s transformation of America is starting to look like more and more every day. The new normal is hatred and disenchantment on a very violent scale.

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Footage Shows People Running for Their Lives from Volcanic Eruption

(AP): A volcano erupted in central Japan on Saturday, catching mountain climbers by surprise and trapping more than 250 people. At least 11 people were injured, including seven who were unconscious.

With a sound likened to thunder, Mount Ontake erupted shortly before noon, spewing large white plumes of ash high into the sky and sending people on the mountainside fleeing, covering some in ash.

More than 250 people were trapped on the mountain and a nearby peak in areas that were dangerous to approach, though some had decided to try making their way down as sunset approached, said Nagano prefecture crisis management official Minoru Kashiwabara.


Eleven people were injured, eight seriously, including the seven who lost consciousness, Kashiwabara said.

On the Gifu prefecture side of the mountain, 52 people were able to descend, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency said.

Mikio Oguro, an NHK journalist who was on the slope on an unrelated assignment, told the station that he saw massive smoke coming out of the crater, blocking sunlight and reducing visibility to zero.

“Massive ash suddenly fell and the entire area was totally covered with ash,” he said by phone. He and his crew had to use headlights to find a lodge to take refuge.
“My colleagues later told me that they thought they might die,” Oguro said. Continue Reading

Commentary: For all you global warming Libs that want to save the planet their is a lesson to be learned here, that lesson is the planet KILLS tens of thousands every year through natural disasters, the question is what or who protects us from the dam serial killer planet we live on?

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President Obama widespread mistrust of law enforcement is corroding America

President Barack Obama on Saturday said the widespread mistrust of law enforcement that was exposed by the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man in Ferguson, Missouri, is corroding America, not just its black communities.

Commentary: When Obama took the Ferguson shooting to the floor of the United Nations, It was very apparent he was looking for worldwide condemnation of those Racist cops in Ferguson Missouri. I now clearly see the teachers within the student Obama. This speech was clearly messaged for the ground troops in Ferguson and around the country to Rebel and Revolt in the streets, what you are witnessing in this video is the incitement too ACT, ACT NOW, this speech is being made as a Community Organizing Street General (COSG) from Chicago . This is a performance by all his mentors Al Sharpton, Saul Alinsky, Farrakhan, Frank Marshall Davis and Rev. Wright all rolled up into one performance by Obama the Great Divider. Unfortunately police all over the country are the ones who will pay the price and bear the brunt of OBOMBERS comments tonight.

President Obama just disrespected every police officer in the country with his agitator CRAP BRUSH, he basically blamed every person that wears a badge and carry’s a gun. Obama never addressed the parties responsible for all this, maybe he should start by looking in the mirror,or blame criminals or possibly his own party the Democrat party, or how about liberalism that is a big part of what is corroding society today, OBomb Thrower has just made things much worse for every cop in the country. The transformation of America will be complete when the issue of race goes to Obama’s court of public opinion to be judged in the streets under mob rule. (Vic M)

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Ferguson Police Officer Shot Suspect on the Run…Update: Reports of More Shots Fired

UPDATE: Police Chief Jackson told Christine Byers from the Post-Dispatch the Ferguson officer was on routine patrol when he confronted two men breaking into a business, one pulled gun and shot the officer. The suspect is described as a black male with dreadlocks, 5’11”, wearing dark clothing.


A Ferguson police officer was shot Saturday night. The officer, a man, is still alive, authorities say.

The shooting occurred in the 1000 block of Smith Avenue in Ferguson, near the new Ferguson Community Center.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Saturday night that the officer was on routine patrol and spotted two suspects trying to break into a business. He would not disclose the name of the business but said it was in Ferguson.

When the officer confronted the suspects, Jackson said, one of them pulled a gun and fired at the officer. The officer was struck once in the arm, and is expected to be okay.

Dozens of police cars from numerous jurisdictions converged on the area after the shooting. The shooter is reported to have fled into nearby woods.

Police have established a staging area near the St. Peters Evangelical Church of Christ on West Florissant Avenue.

Officers are still searching for the shooter, according to St. Louis County Police. Continue Reading

Commentary: This powder keg called Ferguson Missouri is ready to Blow the race baiters won’t let this one go. Packed and ready put my boots on the ground again, this I fear will not end well.

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Muslim Agitator Arrested in Ferguson MO, Threatened to Behead Critics like “Bitch” Daniel Pearl


Agitator Umar Lee was arrested last night during the Ferguson protests.

Lee, who is a Muslim radical, wrote the following to a critic in 2010: “i could cut your neck with the sword of Islam, and watch you squeal like a bitch like Daniel pearl.”

Lee, who is also a supporter of Bashar Assad, is raising money to go to Syria.


But last night Lee was arrested in front of the Ferguson police station so his Syria trip may have to wait.


Poor UMAR couldn’t figure out why they arrested him???? He tweeted from the police van where he sat after his arrest.


Commentary: I strongly believe we should drop off this Radical Muslim agitator (Umar Lee) at the front gates of Fort Leonard Wood and let the troops practice their skills on UMARs Skull, after all the troops are going to need all the practice they can get whooping Radical Islamic ASS, for the fight that’s coming against ISIS.

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Secret Service Was Unaware For Five Days That Someone Shot Several Bullets into the White House In 2011


The gunman parked his black Honda directly south of the White House, in the dark of a November night, in a closed lane of Constitution Avenue. He pointed his semiautomatic rifle out of the passenger window, aimed directly at the home of the president of the United States, and pulled the trigger.

A bullet smashed a window on the second floor, just steps from the first family’s formal living room. Another lodged in a window frame, and more pinged off the roof, sending bits of wood and concrete to the ground. At least seven bullets struck the upstairs residence of the White House, flying some 700 yards across the South Lawn.

President Obama and his wife were out of town on that evening of Nov. 11, 2011, but their younger daughter, Sasha, and Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, were inside, while older daughter Malia was expected back any moment from an outing with friends.

Secret Service officers initially rushed to respond. One, stationed directly under the second-floor terrace where the bullets struck, drew her .357 handgun and prepared to crack open an emergency gun box. Snipers on the roof, standing just 20 feet from where one bullet struck, scanned the South Lawn through their rifle scopes for signs of an attack. With little camera surveillance on the White House perimeter, it was up to the Secret Service officers on duty to figure out what was going on.

Then came an order that surprised some of the officers. “No shots have been fired. . . . Stand down,” a supervisor called over his radio. He said the noise was the backfire from a nearby construction vehicle.

That command was the first of a string of security lapses, never previously reported, as the Secret Service failed to identify and properly investigate a serious attack on the White House. While the shooting and eventual arrest of the gunman, Oscar R. Ortega-Hernandez, received attention at the time, neither the bungled internal response nor the potential danger to the Obama daughters has been publicly known. This is the first full account of the Secret Service’s confusion and the missed clues in the incident — and the anger the president and first lady expressed as a result.

By the end of that Friday night, the agency had confirmed a shooting had occurred but wrongly insisted the gunfire was never aimed at the White House. Instead, Secret Service supervisors theorized, gang members in separate cars got in a gunfight near the White House’s front lawn — an unlikely scenario in a relatively quiet, touristy part of the nation’s capital.

It took the Secret Service five days to realize that shots had hit the White House residence, a discovery that came about only because a housekeeper noticed broken glass and a chunk of cement on the floor.

This report is based on interviews with agents, investigators and other government officials with knowledge about the shooting. The Washington Post also reviewed hundreds of pages of documents, including transcripts of interviews with officers on duty that night, and listened to audio recordings of in-the-moment law enforcement radio transmissions.
Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan declined to comment. A spokesman for the White House also declined to comment.

Commentary: It is hard to believe a well-disciplined organization like the US Secret Service is this incompetent in doing their job protecting the President of The United States, this incident reveals another crack forming in the ability of federal security agencies to actually protect anybody till after the damage is done. This event makes the depth of incompetence very scary to say the least, this definitely makes one wonder how the other security agencies effectiveness rates under The Obama Administrations control? I fear not well!! (Vic M)

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ISIS Defies Coalition Air Strikes, by Shelling Kurdish Town in Syria


BEIRUT/MURSITPINAR — New U.S.-led air strikes against Islamic State fighters failed to stop them from pressing their assault on a strategic Syrian town near the Turkish border on Saturday, hitting it with shell fire for the first time.

The U.S. Central Command said the air strikes destroyed an IS building and two armed vehicles near the border town of Kobani, which the insurgents have been besieging for the past 10 days.

It said an airfield, garrison and training camp near the IS stronghold of Raqqa were also among the targets damaged in seven air strikes conducted by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, using fighter planes and remotely piloted aircraft.

Three air strikes in Iraq destroyed four IS armed vehicles and a “fighting position” southwest of Arbil, Centcom said.

The United States has been carrying out strikes in Iraq since Aug. 8 and in Syria, with the help of Arab allies, since Tuesday, in a campaign it says is aimed at “degrading and destroying” the Islamist militants who have captured swathes of both countries.

A day after the UK parliament voted to allow British warplanes to attack IS in Iraq, two British fighter jets flew a mission over the country, the Ministry of Defense said, adding they had gathered intelligence but did not carry out air strikes.

IS, which swept across northern Iraq in June, has proclaimed an Islamic “caliphate”, beheaded Western hostages and ordered Shi’ites and non-Muslims to convert or die. Its rise has prompted President Barack Obama to order U.S. forces back into Iraq, which they left in 2011, and to go into action over Syria for the first time.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group that supports opposition forces fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said Saturday’s air strikes set off more than 30 explosions in Raqqa, where casualties were reported.

But the Observatory said IS was still able to shell eastern parts of the town, wounding several people, in a sign that its fighters were drawing closer. The insurgents’ offensive against the Kurdish town, also known as Ayn al-Arab, has prompted around 150,000 refugees to pour across the border into Turkey since last week. Continue Reading

Commentary: ISIS will become more elusive than ever, because they have conquered such vast swaths of land they can sneak and hide amongst the population to avoid being bombed, because they dam well know the coalition will not DARE BOMB the population areas, which now makes the eradication of ISIS much more difficult, THANKS to the Speedy reaction from BARACK O Tortoise. (Vic M)

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Obama Fences in Vast Area of Pacific, Cutting off Fishing Industry, Reason Climate Change


Weeks after the White House was warned that a plan to vastly expand a maritime preserve and no-fishing zone in U.S.-controlled Pacific waters would harm the American fishing industry and geopolitically advantage China, the Obama administration has gone ahead anyway—with some concessions to make the environmental medicine, administered by presidential fiat, go down more smoothly.

The concessions did nothing, however, to assuage congressional Republicans led by Rep.Doc Hastings of Washington state, chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, who accused the administration of taking “secret, unilateral action” to expand the preserve. He warned that “the economic consequences of this decision will be grave, further eroding the U.S. seafood industry and harming the well-being of the U.S. territories.”

The decree that President Obama signed on Thursday boosted the size of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, a 77,000-square-mile preserve south and west of Hawaii, to some 490,000 square miles of protected area around a speckling of U.S.-controlled islands—an area that Secretary of State John Kerry, who hailed the move, declared to be “twice the size of Texas. Continue Reading

Commentary: President Obama destroys everything he touches the inevitable results of these dictatorial actions taken by him will limit the availability of sea food related products, thus increasing the prices drastically due to the limited availability. The real weight of this disaster falls directly on the fisherman that make their livings fishing those now annexed Pacific waters; they now have no jobs and will suffer greatly due to Obama’s lack of common sense. (Vic M)

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SANAA (Reuters) – An al Qaeda splinter group said it launched a rocket toward the U.S. embassy in Sanaa on Saturday, wounding several guards, to retaliate for a purported U.S. drone strike in a northern province of Yemen the day before.

The U.S. State Department said it had no indication that the embassy was the target of the attack and that none of its staff were wounded.

The rocket landed 200 meters from the heavily fortified embassy, hitting members of the Yemeni special police force who guard the site. At least two were wounded, police said.

The attacker fired the rocket from a car using a M72 light anti-tank weapon before speeding away, a police source told Reuters.

Several hours after the attack, Ansar al-Sharia, an affiliate of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), said on its Twitter account it had targeted the embassy with a rocket, injuring several guards and damaging a vehicle.

The group said the attack was revenge for a drone strike on Friday that had seriously wounded children in the northern al Jawf province.

Tribal sources confirmed that a drone strike killed two al Qaeda members and wounded two more in al Jawf on Friday, and that there were reports of some children having been wounded.
The United States regularly uses drones to attack Islamist militants in countries such as Yemen as part of a strategy to combat al Qaeda militants without committing troops on the ground.

Washington acknowledges using drones in Yemen but does not comment publicly on the practice. Al Qaeda and its affiliates in Yemen are among the most active wings of the network founded by Osama bin Laden. Continue Reading

Commentary: With a weak feckless leader like Obama these type of attacks are bound to happen, there are unfortunate consequences for weakness, trying to appease the enemies of America is the easy way out for Obama, what Obama has trouble with is doing the hard thing, standing up to the enemies of america like a MAN and fighting for what’s right, not for what’s good for ones political career.

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Beheading at Home, ISIS Operations Unimpeded, Obama Goes Golfing


President Obama hit the links Saturday with “Pardon the Interruption” host Tony Kornheiser and a pair of White House aides.

The outing with the ESPN personality comes following weeks of controversy surrounding the NFL’s handling of a series of domestic violence cases.

Earlier this month, White House press secretary Josh Earnest issued a rare statement following news the Baltimore Ravens had cut their star running back, Ray Rice, after a video of him punching his fiancé in a casino elevator was revealed.

“The President is the father of two daughters,” Earnest said at the time. “And like any American, he believes that domestic violence is contemptible and unacceptable in a civilized society. Hitting a woman is not something a real man does, and that’s true whether or not an act of violence happens in the public eye, or, far too often, behind closed doors.”

Commentary: Obama has a 187 rounds of golf under his belt since becoming president if you add 187 rounds of golf at 8 hours per round of golf 187×8=1496 hours of golf if we divide 24hrs into 1496 this equals 62 days of golfing if we divide7 days into 62 we get a little over 11 and a ¼ weeks of golf and if you add in the 6 weeks of vacation he takes per year 6×6 =36 weeks of vacation, so far that is 47 weeks accumulated to just having fun but I am not done yet, If you add the BIGGY campaigning for the democrat party, 57 + 47 = 104 weeks, all this adds up too, two years dedicated to everything but the business of the American people.

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Suspect in co-worker’s beheading released early from probation


Alton Nolen, the suspect in Thursday’s beheading attack in Oklahoma, was on felony probation until 2017 but was given early release in April of this year.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Nolen has numerous convictions from 2011, “including marijuana possession, escape from detention, assault and battery on a police officer and possession of cocaine with intention to distribute.”

He is a convicted felon and, according to police and a purported Facebook page, a convert to Islam.

There are many systems in place designed to protect American citizens in this case the system failed the two ladies that worked at Vaughan Foods. Remember this the bigger the bureaucracy the less effective it is.

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Mexican Drug Cartel Members Beat Texan to Death after Kidnapping and Torturing Him


HOUSTON, Texas — An American citizen was beaten to death by drug cartel members while another barely managed to survive the kidnapping and torture just south of the Texas border.
The two men have been identified as 38-year-old Erick Candanoza, and 25-year-old Carlos Vela Moreno, who are from the border city of Brownsville and were in the business of selling used cars, according to Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio.

On Wednesday night, the Sheriff’s deputies arrived to the Los Indios International Bridge where the two men had arrived, Candanoza had already died and Vela was rushed to a local hospital where investigators were able to interview him.

The two men had crossed into Mexico a vehicle they were going to sell through the Progreso International Bridge and were driving towards the border city of Matamoros when their car overheated, Lucio said.

“They pulled over to the side of the road and that is when two vehicles with six or seven men carrying various firearms kidnapped them,” the sheriff said. “They took them to a wooded area away from any residences and began to beat them.”

Vela told the investigators that Candanoza took the worst of the beating since the gunmen appeared to have been targeting him over a feud with a relative, Lucio told Breitbart Texas. After the beating, the gunmen took the men to a local hospital from where they were able to get transport to an international bridge. Continue Reading

Commentary: These are the type of animals that are sneaking in to the country hiding amongst the illegal wave of immigrant children, it’s almost as though our government is purposefully bring these type of threats directly to the nations neighborhoods, could this be part of the bigger plan of suppressing our freedoms based upon imminent threats directly created by our government. BET ON IT.

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