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Illegal immigrants rush border fearing U.S. crackdown


The summer lull in illegal border crossings from Mexico is about to give way to a rush of even more immigrants in a frenzy of fear that Washington is about to shut the door, according to several Hispanic leaders.

In Honduras, for example, U.S. threats coupled with those from local leaders warning about the dangers of crossing the border have instead reenergized children and adults to run fast to America and pay inflated fees to “coyotes” to get them there.

“As I am speaking, hundreds of children are trying to leave Honduras,” said Jose Guadalupe Ruelas, a Honduran leader who advocates for children. “When people in Honduras hear that the U.S. is going to get stricter with immigration rules and laws then people think to themselves, ‘Now is the time for me to go,’” he said through an interpreter.

Ruelas and several other Hispanic leaders met in Washington on Tuesday after spending a week in Latin nations responsible for sending over 50,000 children across the U.S. border this year. Officials expect another 145,000 next year.

He and several of the others blamed domestic crime and U.S. policies, notably a lack of social spending in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, for the wave of some 90,000 illegals, mostly youths, into America this year.

Ruelas added that deportation typically backfires. “Every time a child is deported back to their country, they gain more experience and they will return,” he said. Continue Reading

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Black & White Ferguson Residents Agree – Media Made Situation Worse


Like the race-baiting locusts from Hell they are, the mainstream media descended on Ferguson, Missouri, to exploit a vacuum of information with rabid speculation intended to foment violence and divide along racial lines. One area where the media did fail to divide, though, was how black and white residents of St. Louis view the media. Both agree the media made things worse.

In a new poll, 81% of whites and 50% of blacks agreed that the media presence in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer, made things worse. Only 12% of whites believe the media made things better; only 37% of blacks said the same.

This comes as no surprise. Without any facts to back up their black vs. white narrative, the media intentionally whipped up racial animosity and offered the imprimatur of ABC, CNN, NBC, ABC, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, The New York Times, to looters, vandals and rioters.

Outside of the shooting incident that gave the media an excuse to light the racial fuse, the victims here were the perfectly innocent everyday residents of Ferguson who lived under siege for more than a week.

The properties that were robbed, vandalized, looted, and burnt down were owned by Ferguson residents. The people locked in their homes during the riots, blocked from going to work, and unable to send their kids to school, were Ferguson residents

And for what?

Because there was an injustice?

Well, as far as the Brown shooting, we don’t know that yet.

The media didn’t care about facts, so injustices was manufactured — just so a bunch of elite, rich, predominantly white, leftwing cable news anchors and reporters could grandstand and pretend they are Down With The Struggle. Continue Reading

Commentary: The Mainstream media has become a group of reactionary vultures that descend upon a bad situation and stoke the fire making it much worse in-spite of the facts. The media continually strives to fulfill the leftwing liberal racial agenda of division through deception. “I was there in Ferguson and watched them do exactly this”.

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CBO: Cost of Obamacare Subsidy Will Sky Rocket


– The cost of the Obamacare subsidy that the U.S. Treasury will pay on behalf of people who earn under 400 percent of the federal poverty level and who buy a government-approved health-care plan on a government-run health-insurance exchange will increase by approximately 8-fold in its first ten years of operation, according to the latest budget estimate from the Congressional Budget Office.

Medicaid spending will double in the first ten years of full implementation of Obamacare, according to the CBO estimates.

Obamacare ART 1  476fjaa

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the federal government requires Americans to purchase a health-insurance plan that meets government specifications. If they buy that insurance through a government-run exchange, and earn less than 400 percent of the federal poverty level, the U.S. Treasury will pay a part of their premium. The amount the Treasury pays decreases as a person’s income increases toward the 400-percent-of-poverty level.

At the same time, the Affordable Care Act expands the Medicaid rolls by providing subsidies to states that make people earning up to 133 percent of poverty eligible for the program. People signing up for insurance on the exchange whose income is below that level must be enrolled in Medicaid.

“ACA’s Medicaid expansion provisions have the potential for affecting eligibility for premium credits if certain low to middle income individuals and families seek health insurance through the exchanges,” says the Congressional Research Service. “Under ACA, states have the option to expand Medicaid eligibility to include all nonelderly, non-pregnant individuals (i.e., childless adults and certain parents, except for those ineligible based on certain noncitizenship status) with income up to 133% FPL.”

“States that choose to implement the ACA Medicaid expansion will receive substantial federal subsidies,” says the Congressional Research Service. “If a person who applied for premium credits in an exchange is determined to be eligible for Medicaid, the exchange must have them enrolled in Medicaid.”


Under the ACA, the exchanges began enrolling people in federally subsidized health-insurance plans and in Medicaid this year. Continue Reading

The people that work hard in this country will pay for the people who don’t,this is the reality of Obama’s big redistribution scheme.

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World Leaders Abandon Obamas Global Warming Summit


Eric Worrall writes: The imminent climate summit in New York is rapidly turning into an utter embarrassment for President Obama and UN Secretary General Bank Ki-Moon, in addition to becoming a bit of a punishment round for national deputy leaders.

Aussie PM Tony Abbott today defended his decision not to hop on an earlier flight to America, so he could attend the UN climate conference in New York, because he has more important matters to attend to, such as running the country.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have also indicated they likely won’t attend the summit.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has indicated he will not be attending.

Even Angela Merkel, President of über green Germany, will not be attending the UN climate summit.

Of course, things would probably have been totally different, if the summit organizers had guaranteed that attendees would definitely not have to sit through any more boring climate presentations by former Vice President Al Gore.

President Obama concentrates on the false premise of Climate Change, instead of concentrating on the immediate national security needs of the nation.

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U.S. State Department Orders 160,000 Ebola Hazmat Suits

Haz mat ART 4500hwss

The U.S. State Department has ordered 160,000 Hazmat suits for Ebola, prompting concerns that the federal government is anticipating the rapid spread of a virus that has already claimed an unprecedented number of lives.

In a press release posted by Market Watch, Lakeland Industries, a manufacturer of industrial protective clothing for first responders, announced that it had signaled its intention “to join the fight against the spread of Ebola” by encouraging other suppliers to meet the huge demand created by the U.S. State Department’s order of 160,000 hazmat suits.

“With the U.S. State Department alone putting out a bid for 160,000 suits, we encourage all protective apparel companies to increase their manufacturing capacity for sealed seam garments so that our industry can do its part in addressing this threat to global health,” states the press release.

The huge bulk order of hazmat suits for Ebola has stoked concerns that the U.S. government expects the virus to continue to ravage countries in west Africa and may also be concerned about an outbreak inside the United States.

Although the State Department has announced that it is planning a “surge” of emergency medical personnel into western Africa, only 1400 federal workers are currently in the region, suggesting that the 160,000 figure is far higher than what would be required merely for sending medical workers abroad. Continue Reading

Commentary: Let’s not forget our governments arrogant move in bringing infected patients back home to America, due to their orchestrated miscalculation, they are NOW preparing for a large outbreak here in the United States.

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200,000 From Ebola Stricken Countries Have U.S. Visas

Visa ART 934hed5

There are about 200,000 Africans from countries hosting the deadly Ebola virus who hold temporary visas to visit the United States, greatly raising the stakes it could spread to America, according to a group following the immigration issue.

“Based on State Department nonimmigrant visa issuance statistics, I estimate that there are about 5,000 people in Guinea, 5,000 people in Sierra Leone, and 3,500 people in Liberia who possess visas to come to the United States today,” said Jessica M. Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Add to that “more than 195,000 Nigerians” with visas to visit, or who could already be here, she said of the country that has seen temporary U.S. visas skyrocket.

The government has promised that the U.S. is safe, but that’s not good enough for Vaughan. “At this time, with an extremely serious public health threat and more than 200,000 people who potentially could enter and spread it, either knowingly or unknowingly, the State Department and Department of Homeland Security should disclose to the public what they are doing to prevent travelers infected with Ebola from entering the country,” she told Secrets.

The Ebola crisis is also drawing attention to citizens from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia who overstay their visas. Vaughan said that the overstay rate of those from Ebola-impacted nations should be a concern.

Commentary: We are in big trouble if the government is left to scrutinize who is an Ebola carrier and who is not, it is starting to sound like a warning the epidemic will most likely enter the U.S. the same way the 911 terrorists gained entry into the country? We all know this was do to the failure of multiple Government agencies.

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Metrosexual NFL : 4 Women Will Help Shape League Policy

NFL ART 23gw8ffnm

Embattled NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell continued his push to show the league is taking domestic violence and sexual assault matters seriously, announcing in a letter to teams and staff members Monday morning four women will help shape the league’s policies going forward.

Anna Isaacson, the NFL’s vice president of community affairs and philanthropy, will now be in an expanded role as vice president of social responsibility.

The league also has retained as senior advisors Lisa Friel, the former head of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit in the New York County District Attorney’s Office; NO MORE co-founder Jane Randel; and Rita Smith, the former executive director of the National Coalition against Domestic Violence.

“We are continuing to develop our organization to strengthen our ability to address the wide range of issues we face and other changes in our office will be announced soon,” Goodell wrote in the letter. “Our goal is to make a real difference on these and other issues. We know that we will be judged by our actions and their effectiveness.”

Within our office, I am pleased to announce that Anna Isaacson, currently our Vice President of Community Affairs and Philanthropy, will take on a new and expanded role as Vice President of Social Responsibility. Anna has been leading our internal work relating to how we address issues of domestic violence and related social issues. In this new role, she will oversee the development of the full range of education, training and support programs relating to domestic violence, sexual assault, and matters of respect with the goal of accelerating our implementation of the commitments made in my letter of August 28. Continue Reading

Commentary: The NFL under Commissioner Roger Goodell has continued to allow woman and their partners the metrosexuals to take over the NFL a little piece at a time. The fans recognize this and that’s why television ratings are dropping, and lifelong football fans have stopped watching and are fleeing in droves, fans have watched in horror as the liberal transformation of their beloved sport has taken place over the past several years under a pussy like Roger Goodell.

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Food-Stamp Enrollment in Illinois Higher than Job Creation

Food stamps ART header 233nshrw

Illinois’ sluggish jobs recovery is coming at a tremendous cost. For every post-recession job created in Illinois, nearly two people have enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps.

In the recession era, the number of Illinoisans dependent on food stamps has risen by 745,000. Without adequate job creation in the state, Illinois families have had no choice but to depend upon food stamps to put bread on the table.

The Prairie State has had the worst recovery from the Great Recession of any state in the U.S. There are nearly 300,000 fewer Illinoisans working today than in January 2008, and 170,000 fewer payroll jobs.

Stamps ART 1 aas7nzzz1

Jobs began to come back to Illinois in January 2010. But even since then, job creation hasn’t kept up with the needs of Illinois families. Food-stamp enrollment has outpaced job creation by nearly 2-to-1 during Illinois’ jobs recovery, from January 2010-July 2014.

The pace at which Illinois has been creating jobs is simply not good enough for Illinois families, and policy mistakes, such as the historic 2011 tax hikes, have made it worse. Illinois has gained only 240,000 jobs since the bottom of the recession, while food-stamp enrollment has gone up by 420,000.

Poverty ART 2 gwww5623kxx

Even this year, as policy leaders claim the state is amidst a recovery, food-stamp enrollment continues to surge. Over the first seven months of 2014, Illinois is dead last in the U.S. for private sector job creation, having lost 5,900 private sector jobs. Food-stamp enrollment has surged by 17,000 over the same time period. Continue Reading

Commentary: This is PROOF this Governor has Failed the people of Illinois, the time has come to correct the problem, this means throwing this bum out of office. and taking a chance with another. Remember, this is an unsustainable balance that will inevitably destroy the state of Illinois if we do not change course.

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Colossal Failure: US Spent $22 TRILLION on the ‘War on Poverty’

Pverty ART 2886nvtd

Today, the U.S. Census Bureau will release its annual report on poverty. This report is noteworthy because this year marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon

Since its beginning, U.S. taxpayers have spent $22 trillion on Johnson’s War on Poverty (in constant 2012 dollars). Adjusting for inflation, that’s three times more than was spent on all military wars since the American Revolution.

The federal government currently runs more than 80 means-tested welfare programs. These programs provide cash, food, housing and medical care to low-income Americans. Federal and state spending on these programs last year was $943 billion. (These figures do not include Social Security, Medicare, or Unemployment Insurance.)

Over 100 million people, about one third of the U.S. population, received aid from at least one welfare program at an average cost of $9,000 per recipient in 2013. If converted into cash, current means-tested spending is five times the amount needed to eliminate all poverty in the U.S.

But today the Census will almost certainly proclaim that around 14 percent of Americans are still poor. The present poverty rate is almost exactly the same as it was in 1967 a few years after the War on Poverty started. Census data actually shows that poverty has gotten worse over the last 40 years. Continue Reading

Commentary: Take a good long look around your community and take in the sights of government led dependency, this is what this endeavor has led too, massive U.S.debt that has been passed on to the taxpayers, high crime rates, the fall of the family structure, lack of will to seek unemployment, and last but not least the continued want for other peoples property.

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U.S. to Send 3,000 Troops to Fight Ebola in Africa

Ebola ART 23ns800

WASHINGTON — Under pressure to do more to confront the Ebola outbreak sweeping across West Africa, President Obama on Tuesday is to announce an expansion of military and medical resources to combat the spread of the deadly virus, administration officials said.

The president will go beyond the 25-bed portable hospital that Pentagon officials said they would establish in Liberia, one of the three West African countries ravaged by the disease, officials said. Mr. Obama will offer help to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia in the construction of as many as 17 Ebola treatment centers in the region, with about 1,700 treatment beds.

Senior administration officials said Monday night that the Department of Defense would open a joint command operation in Monrovia, Liberia, to coordinate the international effort to combat the disease. The military will also provide engineers to help construct the additional treatment facilities and will send enough people to train up to 500 health care workers a week to deal with the crisis.

Officials said the military expected to send as many as 3,000 people to Africa to take charge of responding to the Ebola outbreak.

“We all recognize that this is such an extraordinary, serious epidemic,” a senior official told reporters, speaking on condition of anonymity ahead of Mr. Obama’s public remarks on Tuesday. The efforts should turn the tide from a high-transmission epidemic that continues to grow every day, other officials said.

The White House plan would increase the number of doctors and other health care workers being sent to West Africa from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other American agencies, officials said. Continue Reading

Commentary: This is not what the U.S. Military should be used for. This President is clearly putting our Troops at risk once again, who will they fight back against once they are attacked by the Ebola virus?, and once they become infected will they be brought back to the states for treatment? Will this move by President Obama put the American population in DANGER?

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British Aid Worker David Haines Beheaded by ISIS Jihadists


Islamic State has released a video reportedly showing the beheading of British hostage David Haines.

It comes just hours after his family issued a public plea for his captors to contact them.

The Foreign Office said it was “working urgently to verify” the video and offering Mr Haines’s family support.

Mr Haines, 44, was kidnapped last year as he delivered humanitarian aid in Syria.

His whereabouts were only revealed this month when he was shown kneeling in the sand, wearing an orange jumpsuit, in a video produced by jihadists of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) which also showed the murder of Steven Sotloff, an American journalist.

A masked man, who has become known as “Jihadi John”, said Mr Haines would be next if the West did not halt operations against ISIS.

In the latest video, he is also wearing a orange jumpsuit and is kneeling on the sand.

It begins with a clip from David Cameron. A man believed to be Mr Haines then looks into the camera and says: “My name is Daivd Cawthorne Haines. I would like to declare that I hold you David Cameron entirely responsible for my execution.

“You entered voluntarily into a coalition with the United States against the Islamic State just as your predecessor Tony Blair did, following a trend against our British prime ministers who can’t find the courage to say no to the Americans.

“Unfortunately it is we the British public that in the end will pay the price for our Parliament’s selfish decisions.” Continue Reading

Commentary: This is the third beheading in the past couple of weeks, the world should have had enough of these Jihadist Demons by now, the time has come for the civilized world to unite against these COWARDS and lead them down the path that leads to ALLAH the god they love so much !!!!!!!! (Vic Maggio)

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U.S. Army: Too Many White Men Lead Combat Units

White generals ART 67588

U.S. Army sociologists are worried that a lack of black officers leading its combat troops will have detrimental effect on minorities and lead to fewer black officers in top leadership posts.
“The issue exists. The leadership is aware of it,” Brig. Gen. Ronald Lewis told USA Today on Thursday. “The leadership does have an action plan in place. And it’s complicated.”

The Army reports that only 10 percent of its active-duty officers are black, which has contributed to its dearth of black officers leading Soldiers with occupational specialties in infantry, armor and artillery.

“It certainly is a problem for several reasons,” Col. Irving Smith, director of sociology at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, told USA Today. “First we are a public institution. And as a public institution we certainly have more of a responsibility to our nation than a private company to reflect it. In order to maintain their trust and confidence, the people of America need to know that the Army is not only effective but representative of them.”

USA Today’s research found that 25 relevant brigades it looked at did not have a single black commander in 2014. For 2015, the paper reported that there will be two black commanders of combat brigades.

Capt. Grancis Santana, 33, spoke to the paper and asserted that it wasn’t discrimination that was causing a lack of minority officers in key posts — the supply of desired soldiers in his military occupational specialty simply wasn’t there. Continue Reading

Commentary: Look out the diversity liberals have outflanked the U.S. Military and are on the move creating division everywhere they go, what liberals refuse to understand is when individuals are put in leadership positions based upon the color of their skin failure is sure to follow, because qualifications make leaders not the diversity police, once they implement this practice a lot of soldiers will be killed or hurt in the name of racial fairness / diversity. (Vic Maggio)

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911 Have You Forgotten?


Commentary: We as a nation should never ever forget the sheer barbarity of the attacks that killed 3000 innocent American’s. Have you forgotten? (Vic Maggio)

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3 Catholic Nuns Raped and Murdered, One Beheaded


The Vatican Monday mourned the brutal murders of three elderly Italian nuns in their convent in Burundi in two separate attacks.

According to reports on the Italian state wire agency ANSA, the three missionaries were raped and had their throats slit. One was reportedly decapitated.

The bodies of two nuns, Sister Olga Raschietti, 75, and Lucia Pulicin, 82, were found Sunday afternoon by a third nun, Sister Bernadetta Boggian, 79. She was then later raped and decapitated following a second overnight attack on the premises, according to reports by the Italian missionary news agency Misna.

The Saverian missionary superior in the east African nation, the Rev. Mario Pulcini, told Misna that during the night, other nuns telephoned to say they feared the attacker was still in the convent. When help arrived, the nun who had found the first two victims was herself found slain, Pulcini said.

A botched robbery attempt was an early theory for the attack, but was reportedly dismissed because nothing appeared to have been stolen.

In a telegram to the the nuns’ superior, Pope Francis said he hoped that their spilled blood “may become the seed of hope to build true fraternity between peoples.”

A Burundi convent employee was also murdered during the attack.

The Italian nuns had spent the last seven years helping the poor and sick in their convent in Kamenge, a district north of Burundi’s capital Bujumbura that has long been a hotspot of ethnic violence, ANSA reported. Continue Reading

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Ferguson Residents Threaten Violence if Police Officer isn’t Indicted


FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – A long line of speakers fired passionate comments during the 1st Ferguson City Council meeting following the shooting death of Michael Brown.

The Council conducted its regular business and then took public comment. The meeting held at the Greater Grace Church on Pershall Road ended at 10 pm with some citizens still waiting to speak.

The city planned on calling up speakers by name based on speaker cards filled out before the meeting. But the plan was scrapped when dozens of people lined up behind two microphones. Speakers were asked to say their name and where they lived. Some declined. Others said they did not live in Ferguson but felt compelled speak.

Several speakers criticized city leaders for the way the Michael Brown shooting was handled. Some vowed to organize voters to unseat current council members. There were a few brief disruptions. During one point of the meeting, some stood and chanted, “Fired up, can’t take it no more.”

Mayor James Knowles told the audience he and the council would listen to the comments but would not be engaged in a question and answer type format. He said upcoming ward meetings would allow for those types of exchanges.

“How are you getting Ferguson residents involved with trying to be unified?” asked one speaker.

One speaker promised more demonstrations if he didn’t see officer Darren Wilson face charges for the shooting death of Michael Brown.

“You all might as well bring back the army because there’s going to be chaos in the street again,” said the young man. Continue Reading

Commentary: Maggio News is packed and ready and will be there to cover the insanity. (Vic Maggio)

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Militarizing Police: 12,000 Bayonets were given to Local Cops


Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., disputed that claim, saying an Oklahoma county sheriff’s office with one full-time sworn officer scored two MRAPs since 2011 and a one-man Michigan police department received 13 military assault weapons.

The rule of thumb is one MRAP per department, Estevez said. He said the Pentagon will reconsider its decision to provide the vehicles – built for the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and unavailable on the open market – to police. “This is one of the areas that we’re obviously going to look at,” he said.

The Pentagon retains the titles to certain equipment so it can be repossessed from police, Estevez said.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., a forceful critic of militarized policing, insisted on knowing why nearly 12,000 bayonets had been given to local law enforcement, but came up empty.

“I can’t answer what a local police force would use a bayonet for,” Estevez said. “We’re going to look at what we’re providing under the administration’s review of all these programs.”

The target completion date for the Obama administration’s review, initiated after the Ferguson protests, was unclear to Estevez and other witnesses.

In addition to focusing on the 1033 program, senators questioned Brian Kamoie, assistant administrator for grant programs at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, about $41 billion in counter terrorism grants given to state and local officials since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Kamoie said federal officials are investigating to see if any of the police forces deployed in Ferguson improperly used equipment purchased with the grants for riot suppression, which is not allowed. Continue Reading

Commentary: The only rational explanation for our government to be giving 12,000 bayonets to local police departments around the country is to protect themselves, from the upcoming civil war they are designing through racial and envy divisionary politics this is a volatile combination that won’t end well for us or them if they continue this practice, That means the 12,000 bayonets they gave police are going to be used against the American citizen in the time of civil unrest, this is what these politicians fear more than anything is YOU the citizen rising up against them because of their tyrannical mistreatment of us. (Vic Maggio)

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Judge Rules Officer That Shot Mike Brown is Innocent


This ought to be interesting! A judge in Missouri ruled that the police officer who shot and killed Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri was justified in his actions because of a Missouri law that makes it lawful for a police officer to shoot a fleeing robbery suspect.


According to recent reports, it looks as though the officer that is responsible for taking the life of Mike Brown might have been within his rights. According to a Missouri law, officers are “authorized to shoot and kill a fleeing robbery suspect.”

The statute was brought to attention by Professor John F. Banzhaf II, a Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University Law School. Banzhaf explained that Darren Wilson’s case goes beyond self-defense, and that the cop has a likely chance of never being charged with a crime.

According to reports “Section 563.046 authorizes a law enforcement officer to use “deadly force” “when he reasonably believes that such use of deadly force is immediately necessary to effect the arrest and also reasonably believes that the person to be arrested . . has committed or attempted to commit a felony.”

And that means that even if Wilson’s claims of self-defense fell through, his arguments could hold up in court.

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Fast-food Workers Stop Miami Traffic Demanding a $15 wage…

Watch this video the reporter is sharp witted and quite FUNNY

Contestant: “This video is important to my community because minimum wage increases do NOT help the poor. Money is only a paper REPRESENTATION of value, not value itself. Money REPRESENTS real-world tangible assets like resources, efficiency, innovation, commodities, creativity, etc. Giving people more green pieces of paper does not actually increase the real-world tangible things that money represents. Thus, no one actually becomes wealthier as a result. Minimum wage increases are a distraction and delusion that tricks the poor into thinking they’re being represented and aided.” Video taken in Miami, FL on 09/04/2014 with a Smartphone.

Video org: Red Pill Philosophy

Obamanomics: McDONALD’S Sales Worst in a DECADE


McDonald’s Corp. (MCD)
, the world’s largest restaurant chain, posted the worst same-store sales decline in more than a decade, hurt by sluggish demand in the U.S. and a health scare involving a Chinese supplier.

Sales at stores open at least 13 months fell 3.7 percent in August, the Oak Brook, Illinois-based company said in a statement today. Analysts estimated a 3.1 percent drop. McDonald’s also said that supplier problems in China will reduce third-quarter earnings per share by 15 cents to 20 cents.

McDonald’s, which has more than 14,200 U.S. locations, is facing challenges at home and abroad. Domestically, it’s been relying on discounts, limited-time offers and remodeled stores in a failed attempt to reignite growth. In China, meanwhile, the company’s meat supplier OSI Group LLC was investigated for changing the expiration dates on food, triggering shortages and a sales slump. Continue Reading

Commentary: Hey McDonald s corporation don’t forget Obama and the Democrats want you to give those hard working kids $15 an hour to flip burgers, that will for surely help your bottom line RIGHT? (Vic Maggio)

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Education Secretary: Too Many White Women Teachers

FINAL And-Barack-7654-art

During a visit Monday to Spelman College, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said the country needs to increase the diversity of its teacher workforce to match the diversity of schoolchildren.

A more diverse group of teachers — including more teachers of color and male teachers — better serves all students, he said.
“This is doing the right thing for our nation,” Duncan said.

Making teaching more prestigious, providing more training for teachers, and paying good teachers more would help schools do a better job of attracting and retaining educators of all backgrounds, including those from underrepresented groups, he said. Continue Reading

Commentary: What is the real definition of DIVERSITY, make way for everybody BUT the white American (Vic Maggio)

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