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This a small part of an in-depth documentary that is in the works, we are attempting to educate the public and try to explain why this is happening and show who and what is responsible for the desperate urban environment that has been created in Chicago and all the major cities of America.

Maggio News roams the gang infested neighborhoods of Chicago in search of whom or what is responsible for the unprecedented violence taking place on the streets of Chicago. Maggio News has been documenting the Bloodshed since 2013 but has recently stepped up coverage for 2016.

This Video is dedicated to all the Law Enforcement and Civilians that have fallen on The Bloody Streets of Chicago……

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Two FBI agents shot by Gang Member, convicted killer, found dead inside home

On Tuesday Morning May 24th Two FBI agents were shot trying to serve an arrest warrant on Rich Court in Park Forest. The suspect has been identified as Melvin Toran, a reputed high-ranking member of the Black P Stone Nation street gang, according to a federal law enforcement source. FBI agents had gone to the home in the south suburb of Chicago to arrest him on charges of narcotics trafficking; this was part of a gang sweep involving several other high ranking members of the gang. The charges alleged Toran had made a heroin sale to an FBI informant.

According to a FBI spokesman the two agents were treated at local hospitals and released. Court records show Toran was convicted of murder in 1984 and sentenced to 20 years in prison. His criminal background also includes convictions for illegal possession of firearms and drug trafficking.
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Chicago Cops save Northside woman’s life


Two Chicago police officers are being credit for saving a woman’s life over the weekend. Officers Frank Giuliano and Ben Cave were called to an apartment in the 3100 block of North Milwaukee Sunday morning. They arrived to a chaotic scene in which a 27-year-old woman unconscious and not breathing. “We observed that she was…

Chicago-land weekend shootings, 5 killed, 40 wounded

A city employee caught in gang crossfire was among five people killed and 40 more wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday afternoon and Monday morning.

Chicago Police issued a statement Sunday in the middle of one of the first consistently warm weekends of the spring, as intensified city gun violence typically accompanies rising temperatures.

“As we look toward the summer months, Superintendent Johnson has made it very clear that the violence will not be tolerated – period,” the statement said. “The cause of the violence traces back decades, and everyone has a role to play in fixing it – police working with parents, judges, residents, clergy, community leaders, and others. Put simply, we need more values, fewer guns and stronger sentences against violence offenders.” Continue Reading

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Friday Shootings across the city, 3 dead, at least 11 wounded

Three people were killed and at least 11 other people have been wounded in shootings across the city since Friday morning.

On Saturday May 21st at around 12:20 a.m., a 30-year-old man died after getting shot in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side.

The man was standing on the sidewalk on the corner of State Street and Garfield Boulevard in front of Midway Liquors when he started fighting with two other male attackers. During the fight, one of the attackers fired shots, striking the man in the chest. He was taken to Stroger Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The shooter or shooters are still at large.

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Two Shot in Drive by in the South Austin Neighborhood

On Friday May 20th around 9:50 p.m. a 23-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman were wounded in a Drive by shooting in the South Austin neighborhood on the West Side.

The two were sitting in a parked vehicle at a gas station at Jackson and South Cicero Avenue when a black SUV pulled up boxed them in and someone inside began firing shots into their vehicle.

The man drove away from the shooting and drove down a couple of blocks to Adams and Cicero where he crashed head on into a pickup truck. A child was on the scene but it was not clear which vehicle the child was in.

The man was hit in the chest, and he was taken to Stroger Hospital, where he was listed in serious condition. The woman was shot in the lower left leg, and her condition was stabilized at Stroger. The shooter or shooters are still at large.

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Chicago 311 Operator gunned down by GANG MEMBER near CPD Headquarters


A “completely innocent” city employee was killed by errant gunfire in a gang-related shooting two blocks away from the Chicago Police Departments’s Bronzeville headquarters Friday afternoon, just minutes after a press conference touting a major “gang takedown,” police said. At 3:52 p.m., a 19-year-old man flagged down officers in the 3500 block of South State…



Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton said the Obama administration is already working to release a total of 70,000 felons from federal prison without help from Republicans and the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, a bill Cotton declared dead on Thursday. “I think many of the sentencing reform proponents’ hearts are in the right place,” he…

Rappers robbed, killed man so they could ‘flash money’ at concert


Two men involved in a rap group robbed and murdered a man in Florida on Wednesday so they could “flash cash” at a concert later that night, police said. Joseph Brandon Jr., 18, and Jonathan Felix, 21, were charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Tyler Macklin, 21. The pair also faced armed…

Liberals Wage War on Suburbs with Illegal HUD Regulation


Republicans in the Senate than 60 liberal Republicans like Arlen Specter. Even many conservatives were skeptical of his strategy at the time. To this very day, many conservatives are convinced that you must always support the GOP nominee for Congress in a general election, even if he wasn’t the conservative you wanted in the primary.…



The FBI has added a Chicago man to its list of ten most wanted fugitives. They say Luis Macedo ordered the killing and burning of a 15- year- old Chicago boy. Authorities say in 2009, Macedo was the ringleader of several alleged gang members who brutally beat and shot Alex Arellano. Then they set him…

2 Suspects Charged in Grizzly Gage Park Family Murders


Chicago police have charged a relative and his girlfriend in connection with the deaths of six family members in their Gage Park home in February. Diego Uribe, 22, and Jafeth Ramos, 19, are each facing six counts of first degree murder, Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson announced Thursday. “Mr. Uribe, who is a cousin to…

Chicago SWAT Team Storms House of Triple Murder Suspect

This tragic but all too familiar violent story started Wednesday night May 11th at 11:20 pm on the 1500 block of west 71st street in the Englewood neighborhood, and would ultimately end on Thursday May 12th at around 3:00pm on 103rd south Union in the Fernwood Neighborhood.

Chicago Police said Kevin Robinson was wanted for questioning and was the prime suspect in the shooting deaths of three people Wednesday night in the West Englewood neighborhood. The shooter knew the victims, who appear to have been family through a child they shared.

Chicago police Said Robinson is suspected of killing his girlfriend 26 year-old Makeesha Starks, her father 50 year-old Jerome Wright and 26-year-old Kiara Kinard, in the city’s Englewood neighborhood. Two of the victims were shot in the head and the other in the back.

When police arrived to arrest Kevin Robinson a several hour standoff with Chicago Police began, the situation escalated when Robinson leaned out a window and exchanged gunfire with officers trying to talk him out at around 9:30 a.m.

Five hours into the standoff Chicago police used bullhorns to appeal him to give himself up, at around noon, the suspect’s mother pleaded with her son from a bullhorn, her shaken voice could be heard echoing throughout the block, his mother pleaded with him for over two hours to no avail to come out peacefully.

As the siege continued armored personal carriers started rolling up to the scene loaded with specialized officers they were clearly getting ready to move in, the chatter coming across the police radio confirmed the Chicago police were concerned about the kids that would soon be converging on the area from the three local schools, moments before the kids were getting ready to be released from the schools, the Chicago Police decided to take swift action and SWAT was finally unleashed and stormed the house only to find the man had apparently shot himself. Robinson’s body was found in an upstairs room on the floor with a gun in his hand, it was not made clear by Police officials if the man had been struck by any of the bullets fired by the Chicago police officers.

The trail of destruction left by Kevin Robinson was finally over at around 2:45 pm. At a 5:00 pm press conference The Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Robinson had an extensive rap sheet. He was let out of prison early he only served 3.5 years of an 8 year sentence for armed robbery, and was also convicted of aggravated battery and was arrested for attempted murder; with all of this criminal history this so called misunderstood youth was put back on the streets to commit these heinous crimes in the Englewood Neighborhood.
Before the police press conference the sister of Kevin Robinson tried to plant the false narrative that her brother was innocent of all charges and that the Chicago police used excessive force and unjustly killed her innocent brother, while she was making this false claim a rival group stepped in and attempted to set the record straight.

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Flash Back 2015 The Chicago Police why we need them!!!!!

Maggio News took the streets of Chicago over the Labor Day holiday weekend to cover the violence happening in the streets of Chicago. Over a 72 hour period Citizen Journalist Vic Maggio documented the Labor Day violence through the perspective of his camera lens, the dramatic footage captured is violent and graphic to say the least, and in the video at great risk to his own personal safety he criss crosses the city in the dark of night tracking the elusive shooters roaming the streets of Chicago.