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Hillary Clinton Supporters Endorse “White Privilege Tax”


Hillary Clinton supporters are told that she plans on implementing a new “White Privilege Tax” on the income of all Caucasian Americans to help offset income inequality in our country since white people statistically earn more money than black people. What did they think of her “new plan” for the 2016 Presidential Election? You gotta…

ISIS Child Jihadist Threatens to Cut off US President Barack Obama’s Head


A child jihadi armed with a rocket-propelled grenade has threatened to behead ‘Dog of Rome Obama’ in a chilling new video released by ISIS. The boy, who is only about ten-years-old, tells US President Barack Obama he is ‘dreaming’ if he thinks American soldiers will enter the large swathes of land the terror group controls.…

Transformation: 63.2 Million Non-English Speaking Residents in U.S.


More than one in five U.S. residents speaks a language other than English at home, a record, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In an analysis of the recent Census American Community Survey, a huge surge was recorded in those who speak Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Urdu, Pakistan’s national language. The report from the Center…

Putin Sends Elite Russian Force into Syria with Orders to Wipe out ISIS


Proving that Obama and his admin was full of garbage when they talked about making a plan to destroy ISIS, Putin is deploying the most elite force in Russia — the Spetsnaz — and has ordered them to destroy ISIS. Let this Holy War succeed. As we read in one reputable report: Russian President Vladimir…

FBI has Stopped Gangs from Selling Black Market Nuclear Material to ISIS


The FBI has foiled four plots by gangs in Eastern Europe to sell nuclear material to ISIS in the last five years, an investigation has revealed. Authorities working with the federal law enforcement agency have stopped criminals with Russian connections that sought to sell radioactive substances to the Middle Eastern extremists. The latest known case…

VIDEO: Sprite’s Big Kentucky Vacation

Come along for the ride as we take you on a city dog’s vacation in Kentucky. In this video Sprite finds himself in all sorts of fun and exciting places. Watch as Sprite leaves behind the big city and enters a world full of fishing, boats and strange animals the likes of which sprite has never seen before.

We are sure that both children and adults will enjoy this video. We hope you have as much fun watching as we did creating it.

Meet the Nine Victims Killed In the Oregon Shooting


The nine victims killed in Thursday’s massacre at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon have been named by police. Officials identified the nine as; Lucero Alcaraz, 19; Quinn Glen Cooper, 18; Kim Saltmarsh Dietz, 59; Lucas Eibel, 18; Jason Dale Johnson, 33; Lawrence Levine, 67; Sarena Dawn Moore, 44; Treven Taylor Anspach, 20; and Rebecka…

How Ted Kennedy’s 50 Year Old Immigration Law Changed the Face of America


Fifty years ago today, Ted Kennedy began changing the face of the United States by ushering the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act through Congress. That legislation resulted in the fundamental transformation of the demographic, economic, social, and political landscape of nation, exactly the opposite of what its supporters promised. The Kennedy immigration law abolished the…

Laced Heroin May Be to Blame for 74 Overdoses in 72 Hours in Chicago


By Friday afternoon, 14 people had been rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago in the previous 24 hours to be treated for heroin overdoses, some with the needles still stuck in their arm, according to hospital officials. In all, nearly 75 people have overdosed in Chicago since Tuesday afternoon from dangerous batches of narcotics,…

St. Louis Mayoral Candidate Wants Street Gangs To Replace Police


Umar Lee is not only a crazy Ferguson protester but also an Islamist who as recently as last month was castigating ‘right wing trolls’. But even he chastises the failure of Democrats in St. Louis which is kind of hilarious. He’s a believer in the Second Amendment, which in his case is not the best…

11 Million Illegal Aliens will Put Hillary in the Whitehouse


The estimated 11 million illegal aliens in the U.S. could help elect Hillary Clinton to the White House in 2016. That’s according to a new analysis published in Politico Magazine on Saturday by Washington Post columnist Paul Goldman and George Mason University dean Mark Rozell. The pair lay out the case that illegal aliens and…

Kentucky Cop Killer Was a ‘Black Lives Matter’ Supporter, Protested in Ferguson MO


Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks gunned down Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder after a high speed chase last night. Johnson-Shanks posted images on his Facebook page under the pseudonym ‘Jay MileHigh’ of himself attending Michael Brown’s funeral service as well as ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrations in Missouri. Johnson-Shanks’s involvement with ‘Black Lives Matter’ is particularly concerning…

Extremely Rare Species of Spoonbill Fish Found in Lake Barkley Kentucky

Maggie my dog Sprite and I rented a boat from KUTTAWA HARBOR MARINA on Monday September 14th 2015, we boarded our boat and cruised out on to Lake Barkley into the 5th inlet east of the Marina to fish and swim and that’s where we found this very rare colored Spoonbill fish that started trailing our boat, as the fish got closer and closer to our boat it then circled our boat a couple of times as though it was trying to show itself off to us. The fish was about 3 feet long and had the oddest shape bill, different from most Spoonbill fish found in these waters. Nobody that lives and fishes these waters ever seen a Spoonbill Fish that looked quite like this rare find.

Maggio News

Maggio News Documents Bloody Labor Day SHOOTINGS in Chicago

Maggio News took the streets of Chicago over the Labor Day holiday weekend to cover the violence happening in the streets of Chicago. Over a 72 hour period Citizen Journalist Vic Maggio documented the Labor Day violence through the perspective of his camera lens, the dramatic footage captured is violent and graphic to say the least, and in the video at great risk to his own personal safety he criss crosses the city in the dark of night tracking the elusive shooters roaming the streets of Chicago.

Maggio News