Lady Takes Gun away from 10 year old Walking Down Chicago Street

From author “This is how our babies die every day. I was riding down 154th in Harvey, Illinois and I saw 2 little boys creeping from the side of a building, one on each side. I said they’re bad as hell. Looked in my rear view mirror to see what they were up to, and he’s stuffing what seems to be a gun in his shorts. I went down 2 blocks (not to seem obvious) and turned around, got out and this is what occurred. A passerby happened to see (My cousin who knows this child’s mother) called me and said his mom wants the gun back because she purchased it but clearly in the video the kid says it’s his friends and he’s taking it back to him. I had the mom call me and she is livid! She wants this gun back. 😒 I told her I can’t do that. She said she’d purchase another one. This needs to shared because PARENTS ARE BREEDING MURDERS, THIEVES AND RAPISTS.

Chicago Gang Member Charged in Shooting of Police Officer


A Little Village man has been charged with shooting a Chicago police officer in the officer as he and two other suspects were being chased, authorities said. Rafael Martir-Ubiles, 25, is accused of shooting the Ogden District officer around 4:15 p.m. Monday in the 2300 block of South Trumbull Avenue, about a block from where…

Mass Arrests in NY of 82 Violent Bronx Gang Members


A large bust of two warring street gangs nabbed 87 suspects charged Wednesday in a lethal nine-year reign of violence and drug-dealing in Bronx housing projects. A pair of federal indictments identified 120 violent hoodlums targeted in a series of predawn raids by the NYPD and federal agents at Eastchester Gardens and the nearby Edenwald…

Details of Massacred Ohio Family Emerge


The first graphic witness account of one of the scenes where eight people were massacred has been given to Daily Mail Online. Car repairman Donald Stone, 44, told how he found the body of his cousin Kenneth Rhoden lying in bed with a single bullet wound to his head. Stone revealed that Rhoden’s corpse, from…

Gang Member Pierre Loury, age 16, fatally shot by Chicago Police

Sixteen-year-old Pierre Loury was killed by Chicago police on April 11, 2016, in what authorities called an “armed confrontation.” Chicago Tribune obtained video through social media taken moments after the teen boy was shot.

According to CPD the events unfolded after a foot chase, police said the officer fired at Loury as the teen turned toward the officer while holding a pistol behind an abandoned house in the 3400 block of West Grenshaw Street at about 7:40 p.m., the shooting took place about a block from Loury’s home. Police have not named the officer involved.

According to the Cook County medical examiner Pierre Loury died from a gunshot wound to the chest. And not to the back as was reported by many media outlets.

Deputy Police Supt. John J. Escalante told reporters Tuesday that Pierre Loury was a documented gang member who had “prior contact” with police, and a gun was found at the scene.

BlackLivesMatter Silent on Gang of Black Girls Killing 16yr old Black Girl


If#BlackLivesMatter, then why doesn’t this one matter? We bet you will never see protests for this. This is the horrific moment high school teen Amy Inita Joyner-Francis was allegedly attacked and killed by a group of bullies in the school bathrooms. The picture, taken from cellphone footage, shows the 16-year-old being forced to her knees…

Shootings on Monday Leaves 2 dead and 13 wounded, across Chicago

Two people were shot to death and at least 13 others, including a Chicago police officer, were wounded in shootings on Monday in Chicago.

On Monday evening April 25th 2016 at around 9:00 pm a 16 year old boy was walking down the street on the 2100 hundred block of south Paulina, when a light colored vehicle pulled up next to him and started firing at him, the boy was struck in the chest and taken to Stronger Hospital in critical condition, the shooting is believed to be gang related, but the victim is not a documented gang member and this shooting incident could have been a case of mistaken identity by the shooter, the shooter or shooters are still at large.

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Mass Shooting in Englewood 2 Dead 3 Injured


Two people were killed and three others were injured in a mass shooting on the South Side Sunday night. Police say a group of people were standing on a front porch of a home in the 2000 block of West 68th Place in the city’s West Englewood neighborhood. Around 11:10 p.m., a car pulled up…

13 Year Old Boy Shot Twice in the Grand Crossing Neighborhood


On Saturday April 15th 2016 a 13 year old boy was shot around 8 pm Saturday evening while walking across the street in the Grand Crossing neighborhood. The young boy was walking across the street in the 7300 block of South University Avenue when a white sedan pulled up. Three people got out and began…

Man shot in Brighton Park Neighborhood

On Saturday, April 24th at 11:05 p.m. a 24-year-old man was standing near an alley in the 4600 block of South Richmond Street in Brighton Park Neighborhood, when someone lurking in the alley shot him in the left leg. The man was taken to St. Anthony Hospital where he was listed in good condition, the shooter or shooters are still at large.

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Man shot in the East Garfield Park Neighborhood

On Sunday April 24th 2016 at 1:05am a man was shot on the 2200 block of south Maypole Ave. in the East Garfield Park neighborhood. A unknown male jumped out of a car and started firing at the 30 year old man sitting in his car, the man was struck in the leg the man’s condition is unknown, the shooter or shooters are still at large.

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Two People shot in a drive by in The Humboldt Park Neighborhood

On April 23rd 2016 at 4:55 pm two people were shot at Chicago Ave and Avyers in the Humboldt Park Neighborhood on the Westside. The two men were sitting in their car when a light colored sedan pulled up and a man exited the car and began firing into their automobile. A 29 year old male was grazed in the left hand and refused treatment at the scene the other 22 year old male was hit in the left leg and taken in stable condition to Stroger Hospital. This shooting is believed to be gang related the shooter or shooters are still at large.

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Ambush at Arizona Wal-Mart Leaves offender dead, 2 officers wounded


Two officers are in stable condition, with one requiring surgery, and the suspect is dead following a shooting Saturday at a Wal-Mart in suburban Phoenix, authorities said. Mitchell Oakley, 24, was killed after opening fire at officers who were responding to a call about a trespasser, Chandler police said. A Wal-Mart employee recognized Oakley as…

Ohio Mass Killer or Killers still on the loose


Eight members of a family including a mother sleeping in a bed with her 4 day old baby next to her, were fatally shot in the head on Friday, leaving their rural town terrified and reeling while a manhunt was launched for whoever’s responsible. Three children, including the newborn, survived the grisly killings that left…

Chicago Liberals ignore Minority Communities Failings instead Target CPD


Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Chief Eddie Johnson announced Thursday they intended to address the Task Force report on Police Accountability, the focal point of the review board is, Chicago police have “no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color.” The Police Accountability review boards liberal fantasy focuses on…

Cook County Sheriff’s Move into Back of the Yards to assist CPD


Cook County Sheriff’s Officers had an impressive show of force Tuesday night in a violence-plagued Chicago neighborhood. In response to a spike in shootings and murders, an alderman in the Back of the Yards neighborhood asked for the sheriff’s help. The command center was just set up Tuesday. The plan is to have a visible…

Bloody Weekend in Chicago 3 Killed and over 30 Wounded


Three people were killed and more than 30 were injured after a Bloody weekend across the city. Two of the youngest victims of gunfire where, a 1-year-old girl that was shot in the neck while she was riding in the car with her family in the city’s Austin neighborhood and a 13 year old boy…

Two Gang Members Shot in West Town Neighborhood

At 4:51 am Sunday April 17th two men ages 22 and 23 were shot walking on the side walk next to the Marathon Gas station at Ashland and Eire. The Two men were each shot in the leg they were picked up by a passing motorist and rushed to the hospital both men are in stable condition, both shooting victims are documented gang members and the shooting is believed to be gang related. The shooter or shooters are still at large.

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Man Robbed then Shot in Wood Lawn Neighborhood

At 415 am Sunday April 17th three men robbed a 30 year old man of money and jewelry, according to CPD the man was shot three times, he was hit in the left arm, left hand, and left ankle, this happened on the 6300 block of King drive. The man was taken to Stroger Hospital and is in stable condition. The shooter or shooters are still at large.

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Man on Porch Shot in Both Arms in West Englewood

On Saturday evening around 10:15pm a 38 year old man was standing on his front porch in the 6900 block of South Damen Avenue in the West Englewood Neighborhood, when someone pulled up in a dark colored sedan leaned out the window and fired shots at the man, spraying his front porch with bullets they then sped off. The man was hit in both arms, and the man refused treatment from paramedics on the scene. The shooter left at least 25 spent bullet casings strewn down the street. The shooter or shooters are still at large.

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1-year-old girl Shot in The Head in Austin Neighborhood


A 1-year-old girl was shot in the head while riding in the back seat of a car Friday afternoon in Austin on the West Side.

They were driving west in the 5400 block of West Le Moyne when someone in a passing silver vehicle fired 6 shots at the car around 4:45 p.m. A bullet went through the trunk and back seat, hitting the girl in the head.

The driver took the baby to West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park. She was transferred to Stroger Hospital, where her condition was stabilized, Relatives say they think she’ll be okay but there is no official word yet on her condition.

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Gang Member Shot in front of Church’s 10 foot Cross

On Thursday April 14th at 4:15pm a 23 year old male reputed gang member was shot in the ankle in a drive by shooting on the 5300 block of south Morgan Street in the Back of the Yards Neighborhood, the shooting happened in front of the Original Holy Ark Church located on the middle of the block on South Morgan Street. The man was shot feet from a giant ten foot cross located in front of the church. The man is in stable to good condition the shooter or shooters are still at large.

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Young Man and Woman Shot in Austin Neighborhood

On Thursday August 14th a 22 year old woman and a 23 year old male were shot at around 9:40pm walking down the 5600 block of Corcoran Street in the Austin Neighborhood, suddenly they heard multiple shots fired and felt burning pain immediately realizing they had been shot. The 22 year old female was shot in the left arm and grazed in the lower back, the 23 year old male was shot in the abdomen; both were taken to Stroger hospital in stable condition. The shooter or shooters are still at large.

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Gang Conflict in Marquette Park Neighborhood leaves 25 year old man Dead

Twenty five year old Raymond Pryor was shot several times in the chest around 12:10 a.m. Friday on the 6500 block of South Western Avenue in the Marquette Park neighborhood. Officers found him lying on the sidewalk unresponsive; he was pronounced dead at the scene. He was apparently walking out of a barbershop on south Western Avenue when he was shot.

Many of Pryor’s relatives and friends were on the crime scene, his distraught mother Charisma Pryor was also on the scene, she was dazed and hugging family members as they arrived. His mother said. “He doesn’t even travel at this time of the night.”

Police said Raymond Pryor was a documented gang member and said his shooting was due to an ongoing gang conflict in the area. Pryor’s arrest record includes aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and possessing a rifle in 2011 and, in the most recent case in 2013, he was charged with possessing a controlled substance.

Family members did acknowledged Pryor’s past criminal history but claimed he wasn’t a gang member. They said he has been successfully turning around his life. He got his GED in 2014 and attended Kennedy-King College. His mother said he hoped to one day work in the fashion industry,

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Radicals use Racism to Seize Control of Chicago Police Department


Police in Chicago have “no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color” and have alienated blacks and Hispanics for decades by using excessive force and honoring a code of silence, a task force declared Wednesday in a report that seeks sweeping changes to the nation’s third-largest police force. The…

16 year old Documented Gang Member Shot by Chicago Police


The social media accounts of a 16 year-old who was shot and killed by police show a young man appearing to celebrate gang culture. In one image, Pierre Loury is seen holding a handgun. The caption reads: “I really be wanting to kill n—– but I gotta maintain.” Eyewitness News has learned Chicago police detectives…

Chicago Police Task Force Recommends Sweeping Liberal Changes in Department


Faced with an unsparing critique of the Chicago police force from his hand-picked task force, Mayor Rahm Emanuel acknowledged Wednesday that racism is a problem in the department and left open the possibility of dismantling the city’s beleaguered police oversight agency. Emanuel’s remarks came shortly before his Police Accountability Task Force released recommendations for reforming…

CPD Crime Sting Nets 68 Offenders on South Side


Chicago Police officers arrested 68 people and found four guns during a recent South Side sting, officials announced Friday. Officers’ targeted people and businesses believed to support gang or drug activity in the Englewood, Deering and Chicago Lawn police districts, the Chicago Police Department said in a statement Friday. Each of those districts has seen…

War on Christians is the ‘Unreported Catastrophe of Our Time’


Imagine if the media in late 1944 had reported the Battle of the Bulge, but without explaining that it was a turning point in the Second World War. Or what if finance reporters had told the story of the AIG meltdown in 2008 without adding that it raised questions about derivatives and sub-prime mortgages that…

5 Shot Exiting Party Bus in South Shore Neighborhood


Five people were injured in a shooting when they left a party bus in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood April 7, 2016, after celebrating a birthday. More than fifteen shots were fired at the victims as they were getting off the bus in the 2200 block of East 70th Place about 2:10 a.m. The bus driver…

Chicago Shootings on Wednesday leaves 2 dead, 3 wounded


Two men have been killed and at least three other people were wounded in shootings Wednesday across the city. The most recent fatal shooting happened about 11:30 a.m. in the North Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side. Gerwancy Rambus, 40, was sitting in a vehicle in the 1100 block of South Richmond when someone approached…

Why Gun Violence in Chicago is Rampant


Hey, Rev. Jackson, Here's Why Gun Violence in Chicago is Rampant Hey, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Here's Why Gun Violence in Chicago is Rampant Posted by Tipping Point on OAN on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 Liz Wheeler of One America News explains to BLIND activist Rev. Jackson, Why Gun Violence in Chicago is Rampant , she…

Chicago Police Retirements Outpace Hiring of New Officers


The Chicago Police Dept spent a record $116.1 million on overtime in 2015 — up 17.2 percent from the previous year — to mask a manpower shortage that has mushroomed under Mayor Rahm Emanuel, with police retirements outpacing hiring by 975 officers. “Overtime is totally out of control. Arrests are down. Stops are down. Crime…

Northwest Side Bouncer dies after being shot in head


A Northwest Side bouncer has died following a weekend shooting. 51-year-old Angel Ortiz was working late Saturday night at Brudder’s Bar and Grill at Addison and Pulaski when someone outside the bar fired shots. Ortiz was hit in the head by a bullet that went through the window of the bar. Witnesses tell us he…

Sunday Shootings in Chicago 11 Wounded


According to Chicago Police at least 11 people have been wounded in shootings since late Sunday morning. On Sunday April 3rd at 9:00 p.m a 20-year-old man was shot riding a bicycle on the sidewalk in the 6400 block of South Richmond Street, in the Marquette Park Neighborhood, two gunmen suddenly appeared from out of…

Chicago Shootings year to date 132 killed 698 wounded


According to Hey Jackass the shootings in Chicago have claimed 132 lives and left 698 people wounded on the Bloody Streets of Chicago leaving a grand total of 830 total shootings. Homicides and shootings have increased drastically in the first three months of 2016. The 132 homicides so far represent an 84 percent increase over…

Chicago Man Gunned Down on Street While Facebook Live-Streaming


Posted by DeLorean on Thursday, March 31, 2016 WARNING: The video posted with this story is graphic and extremely disturbing, Chicago Police Officer Thomas Sweeney told BuzzFeed that the shooting occurred just before 5:00 p.m. on the city’s South Side. Graphic footage captured the 31-year-old man broadcasting live outside a corner store when gunshots rang…

Bloody Thursday in Chicago Leaves 2 dead 8 wounded


Around 4:50 p.m. Thursday, a 31 year old man was standing in the 5500 block of South Hoyne Avenue in Englewood when someone walked up and shot at him, Sweeney said. The man was brought to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition, Sweeney said, where he was treated for multiple gunshot wounds. • At 4:15…

90% Decrease in Stops Since CPD Deal with ACLU

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As violent crime continues to spike in Chicago, there is a nearly 90 percent drop in police stops this year compared to last year. But those who study policing say don’t be so fast to think one led to another. There are a number of reasons that number is so high. From the start of…

Chicago Violence Leaves 2 Dead and 14 wounded


Shootings left at least two men dead and 12 others wounded since Wednesday morning across the city, according to police. A man was killed and another man was wounded in Logan Square, about 6 p.m., in the 3100 block of West Wabansia Avenue. A 25-year-old shot in the head and neck died at Stroger Hospital…

ALERT: Two Belgian Nuclear Power Plant Workers Joined ISIS


Belgian security services are fearful that ISIS operatives may have been looking to target a nuclear plant as it emerged two workers from a plant in Doel fled to Syria to join ISIS. One of the men, reportedly known as Ilyass Boughalab, is believed to have been killed in Syria, while the second served a…

Emanuel picks Internal Candidate for Chicago’s Top Cop Job


Chicago Police Chief of Patrol Eddie Johnson In a surprise development late Saturday night, reports surfaced that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had eschewed the finalists in a national search for police superintendent in favor of an internal candidate. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Emanuel had picked Eddie Johnson, the Chicago Police Department chief of patrol,…

Easter Shootings in Chicago Leave 6 wounded


Three boys were among six people wounded in shootings since Sunday afternoon on the West and South sides, authorities said. The most recent shooting happened at about 9:20 p.m. in Englewood, police said. A 16-year-old boy was in the 6700 block of South Sangamon Street when two males came out from an alley and shot…

Pakistani Easter Bombing Kills 65, injures over 300


An explosion ripped through a crowded Pakistan park where Christians were celebrating Easter on Sunday, killing at least 65 people, officials told the Associated Press. A Taliban faction, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, claimed responsibility for the attack and said Christians were the target of the blast, Reuters reported. The mostly-Muslim country has a small Christian community, accounting for…

ISIS Second in Command Killed by US Special Forces in Syria


Haji Imam, a senior leader of the Islamic State group, has been killed by U.S. coalition forces, defense officials told NBC Friday. The leader’s death could mark a significant blow to the extremist group, also known as ISIS, as it continues to face military defeats in Iraq and Syria. Imam, the nom de guerre for…